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Thursday, December 19, 2013

ZeldaU?? Not quite!!

The legend of zelda, one of Nintendos more popular franchises is about to get a new spin on WiiU. Want to see what this "Spin off" title is? Make the jump to find out!!

So the legend of zelda has had a total of ONE spin off title in its whole time(Excluding tingles Rosy Rupee land,since it never came to america) That spin off was links crossbow training. Now a second spin off title is in the works and it is precariously called "Hyrule Warriors", it is a croosover title developed by those who made the "Dynasty Warrior" games. It seems to be a more action oriented game. Thoough its still in early stages, it looks promising. Ive embeded a trailer , so watch and enjoy And to keep posted on all things Zelda, keep our tab open !!

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