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I wont forget one line of this, i will always remember when the doctor was me" - Matt smith

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day of the Doctor SPOILER review

 So yes this review is LONG over-due along with alot of my other reviews (Which are coming soon) But here is my very spoiler filed review of BBC's 50th anniversary episode of Doctor who, which was extremely hyped, was the hype worth it? Find out after the jump!!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Next Gen Comparisons!!!

So although the "Next Gen" has been here for over a year now (yes i count the WiiU), The two more "Popular" consoles were released just a few months ago, and along with the consoles the majority of their games were cross gen! To see some comparisons hit the jump!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013


So everbody's favorite giant green lizard is back, and seems like hes grown up!! Seems Legendary has decided its time to bring Godzilla back, and this time he seems much more hardcore. To see the new teaser trailer below Hit the jump!!

ZeldaU?? Not quite!!

The legend of zelda, one of Nintendos more popular franchises is about to get a new spin on WiiU. Want to see what this "Spin off" title is? Make the jump to find out!!

AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 follow up (second trailer)

Hey guys That one blogg here, this is the follow up of Sunnyclouds last Amazing Spider man 2 Post...Check out what i have to say after the jump!!

Worst movies of 2013

So now that we've been through the best movies of 2013, lets get to the worst. Make the jump to see our top 5 worst.

Best movies of 2013

Ahh so the end of 2013 is nearly upon us!! And what a year it was, now Over the next few posts, were going to cover the best and worst movies of 2013. Along with the best and worst video games of 2013!! Now remember that were only going to put theater movies, and retail games, so no indies this time around!! Lets start with the best MOVIES of 2013!!! Check it out after the jump!!

What 2014 movie are you most excited for??