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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Worst movies of 2013

So now that we've been through the best movies of 2013, lets get to the worst. Make the jump to see our top 5 worst.

So there have been tons of good movies this year, but now lets get to the worst....


Number 1!!!!!                               
The host.... The original book was written by Stephanie Meyer, author of twilight, and it seems they were trying to replicate the success of the twilight movies in this....But that doesn't work when the most romantic line in the movie is "Kiss me like you want to get slapped." 

  Number 2!!!
When i walked into the theater to see this, i expected something more, something with actual substance...but i was greatly disappointed.

Number 3!!
Felt like a bland copy of men in black...not a good thing.

Number 4!!
Bleh!! WHat happened to oz??
So im stopping at number 4 this time, cant think of a number five.... well next is top 5 best games of 2013!!

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