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Thursday, December 19, 2013


So everbody's favorite giant green lizard is back, and seems like hes grown up!! Seems Legendary has decided its time to bring Godzilla back, and this time he seems much more hardcore. To see the new teaser trailer below Hit the jump!!

ZeldaU?? Not quite!!

The legend of zelda, one of Nintendos more popular franchises is about to get a new spin on WiiU. Want to see what this "Spin off" title is? Make the jump to find out!!

AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 follow up (second trailer)

Hey guys That one blogg here, this is the follow up of Sunnyclouds last Amazing Spider man 2 Post...Check out what i have to say after the jump!!

Worst movies of 2013

So now that we've been through the best movies of 2013, lets get to the worst. Make the jump to see our top 5 worst.

Best movies of 2013

Ahh so the end of 2013 is nearly upon us!! And what a year it was, now Over the next few posts, were going to cover the best and worst movies of 2013. Along with the best and worst video games of 2013!! Now remember that were only going to put theater movies, and retail games, so no indies this time around!! Lets start with the best MOVIES of 2013!!! Check it out after the jump!!

The dawn

In 2011 , 20th Century fox released the very successful prequel to "the planet of the apes" Series. This Prequel was "Rise of the Planet of the Apes", and while very good it left you wanting just a little more. So now we have the sequel to the prequel almost here "Dawn of the planet of the Apes", and after the jump check out the new trailer and all new poster!!

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Spin offs!!

So earlier this week Sony announced two Spin off movies that will help expand the spiderman cinematic universe!! What are those two movies? Find out after the jump!!

Amazing spiderman 2

So i haven't been posting for while, been sick studying for finals, that stuff. But There's been a lot of stuff i've missed, Like the "Amazing Spider man 2" trailer, "Godzilla" trailer, And today the "Dawn of the planet of the Apes" trailer. So to see the AS2 trailer hit the jump.

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Link Between Worlds REVIEW

A Link between worlds is Nintendo's latest installment in the "Zelda" Series for the 3DS. Since I've never played the original "A Link To The Past" this review will be based solely on ALBW. Read more after the jump!

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nintendo at VGX

So this week Nintendo was hyping a "World Premiere" announcement. The internet exploded with speculation  that the new "Zelda U" game was finally going to be revealed. Many people were overhyping themselves with dreams of "Metroid" and "F-Zero". So what was the big announcement? find out after the jump!!

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hunger Games:Catching Fire REVIEW!!!!

     So Im sure most of you out there have heard of the "Hunger Games". What started as a book series has snowballed into a movie franchise eaten up by the teens of the world. After over a year of waiting, "Catching Fire" has finally released.... But does it live up to its name? Read more after the Jump!

The TellTale boom.

     Ahh Telltale, You've created quite a slew of games. From "Max And Sam" To the critically Acclaimed "Walkind Dead: Season one". The latter was released last year in 5 "Episodes", the game left its players with a tear in their eye as the credits rolled and players wondered when they could get their hands on Season 2.... Its seemed like such a long wait but fear not gamers!! For the Clementines journey resumes on December 17!!!
Keep That Hair Short.

Now while on the subject of Telltale, tonight they announced, Both an Upcoming "Borderlands" AND "Game of thrones" adventure!! So get your clicking finger ready because were about to go on some adventure!! 


So Spike's "Video Game Awards" was today, And along with the announcements and world premiers that were announced today, The Game Of the Year was chosen and to no ones surprise unless you've been living under a rock for the past year....And that game was Grand Theft Auto V!!! So how do you feel about this choice? What is your personal GOTY? Leave a comment below!

Hello Interwebz!!

Hello internet!! My name is Nerdy Jake, and welcome to my new Blog!!! While it will be small at first, i plan to expand. I'm merely a Guy who loves VideoGames, Movies, And Books!! So When the big announcements are revealed , Like halflife three (oh please Valve) you will be the first to know! Ill also be doing Reviews of all sorts of things, so hit subscribe and let the information flow in!!

What 2014 movie are you most excited for??