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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Best movies of 2013

Ahh so the end of 2013 is nearly upon us!! And what a year it was, now Over the next few posts, were going to cover the best and worst movies of 2013. Along with the best and worst video games of 2013!! Now remember that were only going to put theater movies, and retail games, so no indies this time around!! Lets start with the best MOVIES of 2013!!! Check it out after the jump!!

So now should we start from top to bottom or bottom to top? Hmm well ive flipped a coin with my co conspirator And its going from top to bottom! Remember these are shallow Opinions...

1. So number one on our list of top movies is.....

Ahh Gravity, so what is there to say about this movie? Its beautiful, and emotional... Not much else to say, its something you need to experience.

     Number 2!!!!! 
The hobbit the desolation of smaug, was a very very amazing sequel to the first, and while might be disapointing to the book readers, its still just as amazing.

    Number 3!!!
This movie, was a basic tribute to Japanese Saturday morning cartoons. Giant robots beating up giant monsters, any teenagers dream.

Number 4!!!
Frozen, while yes it looks like just some lame disney princess movie, is actually much more than that, this movie goes beyond the typical princess thing. Highly recommended.

Number 5!!
Man of steel is the superman movie fans have been waiting for. Dark and gritty, its a more real superman than ever before.

So there you have it folks!! My top five list!! Next will be the top 5 games!!

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