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Monday, December 9, 2013

A Link Between Worlds REVIEW

A Link between worlds is Nintendo's latest installment in the "Zelda" Series for the 3DS. Since I've never played the original "A Link To The Past" this review will be based solely on ALBW. Read more after the jump!
A Link Between Worlds Is Without a doubt an amazing Zelda experience, its truly immerse and Has secrets hidden throughout. The main new mechanic in this installment is the ability to "Wall merge", which is a handy ability that is implemented beautifully. Another main thing in the game is the "Renting" ability in this game, which makes the whole game almost completely linear. You can rent an item and then go to that corresponding dungeon. But once you die The items are immediately returned to the guy who rented them to you, by means of his pet bird.You can later buy the items for steep prices.

                                                                          Ravio the Renter. 

Now the Main story took me around 12 hours to complete, the game was fairly easy Except for a few bosses, and this game contains some of the best bosses I've seen in a Zelda game.Now if you want to complete the game 100% with all the collectibles it will take you around twenty hours or so.The Mini Games in this game however are quite Atrocious, The worst was "Octoball" where you have to hit baseballs and break pots to get ruppes. The one i found the best was "treacherous tower" in which you go against a tower with different levels of enemies on each floor.

Now a link between Worlds main antagonist is a mysterious man named "Yuga" who has stolen the seven sages to retrieve the triforce. On your journey to stop him you Travel to another dimension, The kingdom of "Lorule". The kingdom of Lorule is broken into pieces only accessible through portals in the kingdom of Hyrule. In Lorule there are different secrets from Hyrule and The enemies are also slightly harder.

Now overall A link between worlds in a definitive Zelda handheld experience and gives me hope for the Upcoming "Zelda U". I give A Link Between Worlds 3 Triforce pieces out of 3. What game should i review next? Animal Crossing New Leaf? Or Kid Icarus Uprising? Leave your comments below!!

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