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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Hunger Games:Catching Fire REVIEW!!!!

     So Im sure most of you out there have heard of the "Hunger Games". What started as a book series has snowballed into a movie franchise eaten up by the teens of the world. After over a year of waiting, "Catching Fire" has finally released.... But does it live up to its name? Read more after the Jump!

The movie is built on the premise of the "Games", It is the year of the 75 hunger games , and each twenty five years there is a special games called the "Quarter Quell" and by means not so very coincidental, Kattnis and Peetah end up back in the Games. The action sequences in this movie have gotten rid of the annoying Camera shaking mechanic(reminiscent of "Cloverfield"). 

While the danger of the games in the first movie came from the Other tributes, In this installment i found myself forgetting that there were any other tributes, the hazards were all environmental . The Emotional deaths ,like that of Rue from the original, are a missed opportunity in this one.The death of a certain character went by to fast without much emotion.Though the film does redeem itself on this point In one of the victory tour scenes that will likely cause you to shed a tear if you have a heart.
The film is filled with small bits of humor, From Effies always eccentric get ups, to Little lines like "ooh Mahogany".The highlight of the film was watching Jennifer Lawrences Facial features when another tribute strips in front of her.
So next week ill be Reviewing "The Hobbit Desolation of Smaug" Which will hopefully be a better review than this one. What should i review before that? A game or a book? leave a comment for your vote!

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