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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day of the Doctor SPOILER review

 So yes this review is LONG over-due along with alot of my other reviews (Which are coming soon) But here is my very spoiler filed review of BBC's 50th anniversary episode of Doctor who, which was extremely hyped, was the hype worth it? Find out after the jump!!!

 Day of the doctor starts of as usual, with the doctor in some humorous predicament ( This time hanging from a flying TARDIS). But it son gets down into the meat of it, with the time war raging on in the past and the now technically 9th doctor(il explain in a moment) played by John Hurt, having to make the decision to stop the time war and kill off both the "Time Lords" and the "Daleks". But along comes the Bad wolf girl, who is now the consciousness of the death machine known as "The Moment".  

          Now join Hurt plays his part of "The War Doctor" Remarkably well, a loveable addition to the already  overflowing list of doctors, my only problem with him is that he didnt get as much development as need be. "Rose Tyler" otherwise known as the bad wolf girl, wants the doctor to find another way, and so decides to show him what he will become if he continues on his path, brining together, the various doctors of John hurt, Matt Smith and of course, David Tenant.  The doctor sees what he will become in these two future selfs, the man who regrets, and the man who forgets. 

Now while i wont spoil the main story, i will spoil some key points, like the fact that Galifrey lives. Yes if you havent seen it by now GALLIFREY FALLS NO MORE. This is most likely done to expand the future for new plot lines , as the Doctor will most likely go looking for his planet.The scene in which the doctors attempt to save galifrey using their Tardis's is truly great. And the line "No sir ALL 13" will stick in your head because yes the 13th doctor is shown even just slightly in this episode. And the way that day of the doctor leads into "The time of the doctor" is also quite nice. 

Well theres my review of the wonderful "Day of the Doctor" keep an eye out for my review of "Time of the Doctor". 

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